University of Virginia Tech and Baylor University






Mission Objective:

Utilize Nitric Oxide sensor for NOx concentration data collection in high altitudes ( >100 km)  and measure concentration of NOx as a function of altitude.  Implementation of Piezo Dust Detector and collection of space dust impact energy readings for Baylor University, collect measurements of velocity and energy from incoming dust particles




Team Bios:

Stephen Noel is a senior in Aerospace Engineering from Christiansburg, VA.  This is his first year participating in the RockSat-X program.  As team leader of the NODDEX project, he supports the implementation of both Virginia Tech and Baylor University instruments and performs normal managerial tasks for the NODDEX design team.  Outside of the project, he enjoys writing music with his band: Pyro, Ohio.

“A.J.” Ambrose Jones IV:  A senior Aerospace Engineering student.  A.J. is currently working with the CAD group for the NODDEX project at Virginia Tech.  Besides doing RockSat-X, A.J. is a member of both the VT Motorcycle Eco Challenge Team, and the Close Air Support (CAS) aircraft design team.

Ryan Hatton is a freshmen pursuing Aerospace Engineering from Blairstown, NJ.  Ryan is part of the Mechanical/CAD team, and produces diagrams and models of the rocket’s payload system.  He is also currently working on the Human-Powered Submarine Design Team, a member of the Galileo Living Learning Community and AIAA.

Waqas Khattak is from Alexandria, Virginia. He is majoring in Aerospace Engineering intends on going the astronautical path. He is very passionate about the aerospace field and hope to one day work on spacecraft intended for interplanetary travel.

Jason Duane is currently a junior studying Aerospace Engineering at VT. This is his first year working on the RockSat-X program. He is a member of AIAA and Tripoli Rocketry.  Hobbies include high powered rocketry, volleyball, and surfing. He has always had a love for building rockets and is very excited to actually be working on a NASA project launching from Wallops.

Brian grew up just west of Washington, DC in Northern Virginia and he is currently a junior at Virginia Tech studying Aerospace and Ocean Engineering.   This is his first year on the RockSat-X team and he looks forward to working with everyone.  In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar and sports and going to Hokie football games.

Louis is a Junior in the Computer Engineering department at Virginia tech. For the VT RockSat-X team he works on the data collection, micro-controllers, and on-board computers for the project. In addition to working on the RockSat-X team, he is the vice president of the Ski Racing team at VT and spends his free time rock climbing and hiking.


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