RockSat-X 2014

Registration and Security Clearance 

June 24 - 28*, 2014

March 22 - 27, 2015

August 5 - 12**, 2014

June participants must register by May 16, 2014
March participants must register by March 3, 2015

As part of your Launch Fee for RockSat-X 2014, each participating school/team will be provided 4 all-access passes during the June environmental and checkout tests at Wallops.  These passes include some meals, t-shirt, and RockOn/RockSat-C launch access.  Teams also have 4 all-access passes during the March 2015 (was August 2014) checkout and launch.  These passes include some meals, t-shirt, and RockSat-X VIP launch access.  Schools can send additional participants to the integration and launch for free.  If food and t-shirts are desired for these additional participants, there will be an extra charge ($ per person ~$140).  EACH team must register ALL participants by May 16, 2014 (for the June trip) and March 3, 2015 (for the March trip) for security reasons and to determine amount of food needed.  Please complete the registration form below.  You will receive additional details along with your security paperwork within 3 days of registering.  We are using the Refuge Inn as our home base for all operations related to RockSat-X in June and March.  We encourage all RockSat-X participants to use the Refuge Inn for lodging but this is not required.  Reservations at the Refuge Inn must be made by February 21, 2015.  ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE A U.S. PERSON.


* Integration activities at Wallops are scheduled to conclude late on June 28th (Saturday) but June 29th may be required.  Suggest everyone plan on leaving for the airport/home late in the day on the 29th.

** Launch is scheduled for March 27, 2015 but the back-up date is March 28, 2015. Please plan accordingly.

RockSat-X 2014 Registration

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