Full Mission Simulation Review (FMSR)

**Note: This is the 2019 template. The 2020 version will be uploaded shortly**


The Full Mission Simulation Review serves as an update to the progress of your payload. By this report, your payload should have reached a point to where it has been fully integrated and run in a flight condition. This allows you to see if the systems are performing together and collecting data as expected, and to ensure the payload will run for the entire flight. Any action items that come out of this will be critical to complete before the Integration Readiness Review to ensure your payload is, in fact, fully functional and will integrate successfully in June. The FMSR should be submitted to your team's Google Drive folder 24 hours before your scheduled teleconference. A template is provided below, however keep in mind that the template provides the minimum requirements for the presentation. Questions or concerns can be emailed to Leina Hutchinson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

FMSR Template

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