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The RockSat-X payload deck is a modular system based around decks designed for suborbital flights with Wallops Flight Facility’s (WFF) Sub-SEM ring assembly.

Launch 2009

This standardized approach provides customers low cost access to space. RockSat-X has an ejectable skin and nose cone that will expose experiments to the space environment fully at apogee. Additionally, the rocket will be de-spun to a reduced rate of ~ 0.5 Hz to allow for a greater range of experiments.

Other highlights include: Wallops provided power and telemetry. By providing these amenities, experimenters can spend more time on payload design and less on power and data storage systems. The current design also allows for future expansion of an Attitude Control System (ACS) to align the rocket parallel or anti-parallel to the magnetic field. This capability will be added once the program has matured.


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