Critical Design Review (CDR)

The critical design review (CDR) is the final decision gate in the engineering process. The primary objective of CDR is to convince the reviewer(s) that the design is mature enough to go into fabrication. All elements of design should be compliant with functional and performance requirements. Plans should be in place to manufacture and test the project to prove its functionality and performance prior to flight. Key results of final analysis and prototyping should also bring confidence to areas of high risk presented at PDR. New risks (and potential mitigation) should also be presented. In industry, this is the final decision gate where the project sponsor(s)/customer give the project a "GO" or "NO GO" before real money starts being spent. Analogously for RockSat-XN, this is your final evaluation before selection for flight and manifesting. 

In addition to the slides below, each team is required to submit the following items:

1.) Mechanical Drawings

2.) Electrical Schematics

3.) Timed Events Matrix

4.) Power Budget

5.) Pin Assignments

6.) TM ICD



Documents for the last 5 items are provided on the Quick Links Page, listed under "Interface Documents". Use these as templates. Information submitted in any other format will not be accepted, and you will be asked to re-do the work in the appropriate format. Questions can be directly submitted to Chris Koehler at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



CDR Template

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