Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

The preliminary design review (PDR) is the second decision gate in the engineering process. The primary objective of the PDR is to present an initial design of an experiment that can meet all of the mission objectives/requirements. The PDR accentuates the decomposition of the experiment into various subsystems and how they interact to meet mission objectives. The biggest difference between a CoDR and a PDR is that each block presented at CoDR has a specific component attached to it that was chosen based on a rigorous trade study to ensure that subsystem requirements will be met. Subsystem requirement verfification should trivially lead to project level and system level requirement verificication. With a clear understanding of what each subsystem constitutes, prototyping to verify performance of key subystems will drive the project to CDR where the design is representative of the final product. A template with the required content is posted below. Please feel free to use this directly for your PDR. If you choose to use your own format, please ensure that the information in the provided template is included.  Questions can be directly submitted to Chris Koehler at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



PDR Template

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