In order to receive payload kits, you must order by November 30, 2018: Kit Order Form  

2 free kits per COSGC institution (designed for 2-3 people per kit) - more kits may be available at cost.

Files and Instructions

Each team will need a laptop with the Arduino software downloaded and installed.  You can download the software for free by clicking the link here


Kits will include all necessary components.  Affiliates will provide workspace, soldering station (including solder), and foam core. Details about standard foam core used for structure may be found here

Teams may follow slides and complete the build anytime.  It is expected many will be able to complete build without assistance (troubleshooting time is the best learning time).

However, there will be three "help desk" days available: January 3, 4, 7, 2019
On these days, Bernadette will be logged in to a Zoom meeting room from 8am - 4pm. 
Teams that have questions or need assistance can "zoom" in.

Links to the Zoom meetings will be sent directly to affiliate director/institutional contacts. 

Below are links to the code and slides.  


Code                Arduino Slides 1          

Data Sheets      

 2018 Workshop Agenda
Heater/Build Slides    Arduino Slides 2    Payload Checkout   DemoSat User Guide
 OpenLog Error Help   Arduino Slides 3     Foam Core Document    
    Soldering 101 Slides        

Need help?  Have Questions?  Contact Bernadette This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 303.492.3141