Judging will be done by University faculty, industry representatives and COSGC representatives.  The papers and posters will be judged on the criteria below and then combined with an overall presentation score at the Symposium.  The results will be announced at the end of the Symposium.

Paper Scoring Criteria:

            • Technical Content - This concerns the correctness of the theory, the validity of the reasoning used, apparent understanding or grasp of the subject.
            • Originality - Does the author show independence of thinking or a fresh approach to the subject?
            • Practical Application - Does the author reach conclusions that are feasible and practical for use?
            • Style/Form - Does the paper and presentation present the material clearly and in the good, acceptable form for a technical audience?
                    • Paper - Technical Content, Scientific Merit and Originality (45%)
                    • Paper - Practical Application (15%)
                    • Paper - Clarity of Writing (10%)
                    • Presentation - Visual and Oral presentation and response to questions (30%)

Poster Scoring Criteria:

Official poster presentations for industry judges will be generally 7 minutes in duration. Judges will walk from poster to poster on a timed route. During the poster session, all symposium participants will also be walking around speaking with poster teams. The results will be announced at the end of the Symposium. There is usually also a People's Choice award. Each participant at the event will be able to submit a vote for their favorite poster/demo.


Judging Criteria:

              • Technical Content - Background information is relevant and well summarized; the project has a goal or logical hypothesis, high-quality data are presented to address the hypothesis or goal(s) of the project; References as necessary.
              • Presentation Design & Quality - Appropriate, logical organization; Graphs, figures, and tables are relevant to the work; Clear message; Information is presented thoroughly, yet concisely; Presentation is neat and professional in appearance (colors coordinate, fonts are uniform and appropriate size, etc.); Free of grammatical and spelling errors.
              • Presenter(s) - Demonstrates strong knowledge of the research project and project background; Uses poster to enhance the presentation of the project; Speaks clearly, naturally, and with enthusiasm; Makes eye contact; Answers questions clearly and succinctly.




All paper Authors/Presenters will receive a certificate of participation.  Each Session winner will receive a monetary award.


 Prize Categories and Amounts*: 

1 - Grand Prize (overall highest scoring paper+presentation score): $1,500 

4 - Paper Session Prizes (highest scoring paper+presentation score in each session): $500/each 

1 - Poster Session Top Score (highest scoring poster overall): $1000 

3 - Top Posters (highest scoring poster each session): $500/each

* Cash prizes are awarded per team.  Teams of multiple students share a single prize amount.