Symposium Papers

The Colorado Undergraduate Space Research Symposium is an opportunity for students to present their current research and ideas in space related fields to their peers, industry and academia.  Four schools from around Colorado submitted papers this year and presented their research during the Symposium.  Teams and individuals, freshman through seniors, have researched a variety of topics and presented their research or practical engineering projects.

  • Paper - Technical Content, Scientific Merit and Originality (45%)
  • Paper - Practical Application (15%)
  • Paper - Clarity of Writing (10%)
  • Presentation - Visual and Oral presentation and response to questions (30%)


2012 Papers and Presentations

Session A:
01_CUSRS Paper Presentation
02_CUSRS Paper Presentation
03_CUSRS Paper Presentation
04_CUSRS Paper Presentation 
Session B:
05_CUSRS Paper Presentation
06_CUSRS Paper Presentation 
07_CUSRS Paper Presentation 
08_CUSRS Paper Presentation 
Session C:
09_CUSRS Paper Presentation
10_CUSRS Paper Presentation 
11_CUSRS Paper Presentation 
12_CUSRS Paper Presentation 
13_CUSRS Paper Presentation 
Session D:
14_CUSRS Paper Presentation
15_CUSRS Paper Presentation 
16_CUSRS Paper Presentation 
17_CUSRS Paper Presentation 
18_CUSRS Paper Presentation