2014 Symposium Papers

The Colorado Undergraduate Space Research Symposium is an opportunity for students to present their current research and ideas in space related fields to their peers, industry and academia.  Four schools from around Colorado submitted papers this year and presented their research during the Symposium.  Teams and individuals, freshman through seniors, have researched a variety of topics and presented their research or practical engineering projects.

  • Paper - Technical Content, Scientific Merit and Originality (45%)
  • Paper - Practical Application (15%)
  • Paper - Clarity of Writing (10%)
  • Presentation - Visual and Oral presentation and response to questions (30%)


2014 Papers and Presentations

Session A:


 Robotics: A.L.L.E.N.


 Robotics: ARK 



 Robotics: Blue


 Robotics: Doughnuts



 Robotics: Beacon Development


Session B:


 Designing Satellites for Effective Mission Operations


 Performance Analysis of a UHF/VHF Communication System  


 Atmospheric Density Estimation


 PolarCube: An Advanced Radiometer



 Compact Star Camera Design for CubeSat


Session C:


 Design and Testing of a Durable Lander Craft




 Overview of Jupiter's Chaotic Storm


 The Potential for High Altitude Balloon Tracking & Observation


 An Investigation of Crystallization in Microgravity


Session D:

 16_CUSRS  Melanin as a Barrier Against Ionizing Radiation  Presentation
 17_CUSRS  Photovoltaic Solar Cells in the Near Space Environment  Presentation
 18_CUSRS  Mutagenesis of Escherichia coli in the Near Space Environment  Presentation

 Radiation Damage in SRAM and Flash Memory


 Martian Mulch