2015 Symposium Papers

The Colorado Undergraduate Space Research Symposium is an opportunity for students to present their current research and ideas in space related fields to their peers, industry and academia.  Four schools from around Colorado submitted papers this year and presented their research during the Symposium.  Teams and individuals, freshman through seniors, have researched a variety of topics and presented their research or practical engineering projects.

  • Paper - Technical Content, Scientific Merit and Originality (45%)
  • Paper - Practical Application (15%)
  • Paper - Clarity of Writing (10%)
  • Presentation - Visual and Oral presentation and response to questions (30%)

Judging Form

2015 Papers and Presentations

Session A:


 Observation of Cosmic Rays at Varying Altitudes


 Versatile Radiation Shielding


 High Altitude Cosmic Ray Detection


 Melanin as an Independent Barrier



 Blocking Radiation in the Upper Atmosphere



 CSU Balloon Payload


Session B:


 Open-Path Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy

 08_CUSRS  Implementation of Solar Tracking on a  High Altitude Balloon Platform  Presentation 

 Volumetric Efficient Cold Gas CubeSat Propulsion

 10_CUSRS  Designing Power Systems for Mission Success  Presentation 


 PolarCube:A Student Led CubeSat Mission



 Development of an Experimental Hybrid Rocket  Presentation 

Session C:


 More Applied Random Knowledge Rover


 Automation of a Sabatier Reaction

 15_CUSRS  Wild Tupper 2 Rover  Presentation 
 16_CUSRS  Goal Oriented Risk Mitigating Autonomous Behavior for Extraterrestrial Rovers  Presentation 

 Beacon Electronic Kinect Explorer


Session D:

 18_CUSRS  Microgravity Material Science Experiment on Aluminum-Indium Compounds
 19_CUSRS  Atmospheric Data Collection and Transmission via High Altitude Weather Balloon
 20_CUSRS  Solar Cell Efficiency in the Upper Atmosphere

 TSJC 2015 Balloon Payload

 22_CUSRS  Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons  Presentation 
 23_CUSRS  Stratospheric Microbe Bacteria Accululator  Presentation