Abstracts for the Symposium are being submitted through a Google form that builds the abstract as you enter specfic information.

Collect the following information to proceed:

  • Project Category (High Altitude Balloon Payload, Robotics, Wearable Tech, Research, Other)
  • What type of submission (Poster, Paper, Video, Demonstration)
  • What is the level of project completion (In progress, Complete, Complete but not successful)
  • Title of Project
  • Name of all Authors (Spelled Correctly!)
  • Introductory Statement that Describes Project
  • Question(s) project is trying to answer/solve
  •  What did you think/predict the answer would be and why
  • What methods did you use to answer the question (What did you do? How did you do it?)
  • Include the results of your project. What did you find out. (If unfinished, what did you learn during the project?)
  •  Was your hyposthesis correct, incorrect, or somewhere in between? Why is this the case? (It's ok to have been wrong.)
  • What do the results mean? (If project unfinished or does not have results, please detail.)
  •  Next steps.

Once you're ready to answer these questions, submit the Abstract Form

 Any questions or problems with the form, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.