Symposium Paper Rules

Submit your paper here

Eligible authors/participants must be undergraduate students enrolled at a COSGC instituion.

Papers should be 5-6 pages minimum and may not more than 20 pages (8.5" x 11") not including figures tables and graphs that appear in the appendix.  

          • Margins must be a minimum of one inch (1") on all sides, not including headers, footnotes and page numbers.  
          • Photographs, graphs, tables, diagrams, charts, or other graphic representation prsented in the paper must be simply presented and comply with the maxium file size limit of 2MB.
          • The paper must be typed in 11-point font or larger.
          • Each page should be numbered at the bottom
          • The first page must include the title of the paper, full names of all authors, the name of the college or university and the student's faculty advisor's name.
          • Suggested sections:
            • Introduction
            • Materials and methods
            • Results (data or findings)
            • Discussion and conclusions
            • References, or literaturecited
            • Appendices (if necessary but please keep in mind that the introduction is far more valuable in the judging process than appendices of raw data)
          • The final file submitted shall be PDF. 
          • The final submitted pdf file name must be formatted as PaperTitle_institution.pdf [example: CapturingStratosphericBactera_WCU.pdf]


The day-of oral presentation will be 15 minutes long with an additional 5 minutes for a "questions and answers" period. 

Create a slide presentation and submit by Friday, April 16.

A pre-event run-through is required for all presenters.  Event organizers will work with authors to schdule a practice session.



Teams of up to 6 undergraduate students will be accepted for each presentation. 

If your team is greater than 6 AND there are more than 6 authors, contact Bernadette to discuss alternatives.



Registration is required for all presenters. Register HERE. Each presenter should register individually. Guests (friends/family) are welcome. Guests must register too.



Any undergraduate engineering or science research paper/presentation will be accepted provided it ties into the space community or earth-based research aligned with NASA missions and goals.  Sessions will be defined depending on the number and areas of the papers submitted.