Symposium Papers & Posters for Judge Review

The Colorado Undergraduate Space Research Symposium is an opportunity for students to present their current research and ideas in space-related fields to their peers, industry, and academia.  Six COSGC schools from around Colorado submitted papers this year and presented their research during the Symposium.  Teams and individuals, freshmen through seniors, have researched a variety of topics and presented their research or practical engineering projects.

***All judges should take 6 minutes to review the NASA Implicit Bias Video which was created specifically for evaluators.***

Judging Rubric: Please see the email from Bernadette/Mareyna that included the link to the Google sheet you should use to submit your scores/feedback. 

2021 Papers  & Posters

 WolfSat Fenrir: Atmospheric Quality
 The Speed and Intensity of Sound and Light Versus Altitude
 Concentrations of Particulate Matter at High Altitudes
 BACON: Beacon All-terrain Communication Operational Navigator
 Exploring the Red Giant Blind
 A Diabetic Retinopathy Model for the Automated Detection of Eye Disease in Astronaut Retinal Images
 CSU Senior Design Project: NASA Lunabotics Competition
 Development of a Novel Research Platform for External Suborbital Video Capture
 Stability insights into an archaea membrane modeled under Enceladus conditions
 Evaluation of Shock Wave Effects on Supersonic Nose Cone Geometries
 Precipitation Predictions Using Machine Learning
 High Altitude Balloon Simulation Project


Poster Session A

DemoSat Kit Payload with Experimental Insulation
Prevalence of Radio Emission in LoBALs Showing Disturbed Morphologies in the Optical
GLEE: The Great Lunar Expedition for Everyone
Rovee: Autonomous Slope Detection and Navigation

Poster Session B

  Liftoff to Luminescence: The Effects of High Altitude and UV Radiation on Armillaria Mellea
 Testing the Efficiency of Novel Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells in the Stratosphere
  Automated and Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS)
 Design of a Steerable Parachute System for High Altitude Balloon Payload Recovery


Poster Session C

 ChemSat Balloon Payload Structure
 Feasibility of a DSLIM Transport Network
 Student Thermal Energetic Activity Module (STEAM)
  B.O.L.T. Burst Oracle Lightning Tracker