How to build your own PCB

PCB Design: http://ecee.colorado.edu/~ecen4610/wiki/index.php/PCB_Design

PCB Design Checklist: http://ecee.colorado.edu/~ecen4610/wiki/index.php/PCB_Design_Checklist
Complete this checklist BEFORE ordering (not everything is required but you should have a good reason to skip a specific point for your design)

Reworking Printed Circuit Boards (PCB): http://www.circuitrework.com/guides/guides.shtml

How and Why to Solder Correctly

How to Remove SMD Resistors & Capacitors Using a Regular Soldering Iron

How To: Drag Soldering Demo

How to Solder QFN or MLF chips Using Hot Air without Solder Paste or Stencils

General Command and Data Handling and Software development

Radiation Effects

Amateur Radio and SmallSats