Design Reference (compiled for COSGC)
Standard Drill Sizes, English: .pdf
Standard Bolt / Tap Sizes, English: .pdf
Standard Helicoil Sizes, English: .xls
Standard Surface Finishes, English: .pdf

When Ordering Bolts

Most bolts used at the Colorado Space Grant Consortium are Socket Head Cap Screws, 18-8 Stainless Steel

Placing an order: one source for ordering non-certified bolts is at
Once there search for "Socket Head Cap Screws" - Click Standard, Stainless Steel, 18-8 Stainless, Finish is up to you, right handed, normal tip type, non-locking.  From here you are good to pick the thread count and length.

Options: Plain finish is most commonly used by COSGC students, black oxide forms a harder surface however has the drawbacks of having particulates and oxidizing over time.  Stainless 316 is a good alternative material (though more expensive), it is non-magnetic and has an increased strength.  Remember when choosing length, you want to screw into a material with a depth least 1.5 times the bolt diameter.

When Ordering Helicoils

Helicoils are a must when you have repetitive bolt and unbolt cycles between two dislike materials (steel bolting into aluminum as an example).  Without protection, the bolt over time will degrade the aluminum and there is added risk of gualling or cold welding between the materials.  

Placing an order: one source for ordering non-certified helicoils is at
Once there search for "Helicoils" - most common type we use: click standard screw lock,with tang, 18-8 stainless, right handed.  Form here you are good to pick the thread count and length.

Feel free to purchase locking helicoils however track the number of times you engage the locking mechanism because there is a ~5 time limit before they become ineffective.  Also, COSGC has insertion tools for TANGED HELICIOLS ONLY, BUT STILL CHECK TO ENSURE THE TOOLS ARE AVAILABLE IN YOUR SIZE PRIOR TO THE ORDER, if you purchase non-tanged helicoiils you will need additional tools.

Mechanical Drawing Examples

Space Grant Solidworks Drawing Template
Part Drawing Template: .slddrw  .pdf
Assembly Drawing Template: .slddrw  .pdf
Bolt Callout Table Template: HOLE_TBL.sldtbt

Example Drawings:
Drawings with Notes: Drawing Notes.pdf
Part - DANDE Mechanism Bracket.pdf
Assembly - DANDE Accelerometer Box.pdf
Complete Assembly / Part Package - DANDE Battery Box Assembly.pdf