Here are several links to my favorite star chart apps and astronomy software.  

find them at your app store; I have provided the app names!

*Make sure to use the “night vision” feature while stargazing, to keep your eyes sharp!  Bright lights while observing will negate your ability to see faint celestial objects!!

Astronomy Software Programs

Star Chart Apps List (search these names on your App store)

  • Stellarium (Mobile App) $2.99
    • This is the app that I use because its easy to navigate if you are already using Stellarium desktop software 
  • Star Walk -Night Sky Guide $4.99
    • This has some helpful features like “Sky Live” which lists the daily rise and set times of all of the planets, the Sun, and the Moon. 
  • Star Walk 2 -Night Sky Map $2.99
  • Star Chart (FREE)
  • StarGuide (FREE)

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