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Some other types of Telescopes include......

RADIO TELESCOPES: Radio telescopes 

also collect light waves from the electromagnetic spectrum, but not in the range of the visible spectrum.  Radio waves have a longer wavelength and a lower frequency than visible light. A radio telescope is a large “dish” antennae.  The size of the dish is like the aperture of an optical telescope. Since the radio waves being intercepted and studied are coming from distant locations, even beyond our galaxy sometimes, a huge amount of radio waves need to be collected in order to provide effective date.  Often, a group of these antennas are linked together in an array, using interferometry, in order to collect more data over a larger area. A famous example is the Very Large Array in New Mexico.  It is possible to build a small array to use in amateur astronomy and as a learning tool.  Here is a student paper f a student Radio Telescope Project:

Radio Telescope antenna; VLA
Very Large Array

INFRARED TELESCOPES:   Infrared telescopes


These cutting edge instruments use lasers to detect slight ripples in space time caused by gravitational waves from distant cosmic events.  Check out the links on Wiki to see current projects and how they work!  The most famous is LIGO

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