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                          Design Review Schedules 2020 - 2021
  Academic Year Long Projects    Spring Semester Only Projects 
 PDR: Feb 8 - Feb 12, 2021  PDR: Feb 8 - Feb 12, 2021
 CDR:  March 8 - March 12, 2021  CDR: March 8 - March 12, 2021
 FPR:  April 5 - April 9, 2020  FPR: April 5 - April 9, 2021



Design Review Templates: You are required to use these templates for each review. More details about each review below

CoDR Template (full year project only)

PDR Template

CDR Template

FPR Template


Conceptual Design Review (CoDR): The purpose of this review is to meet your team and for you to demonstrate that you have a plan moving forward in the program. Do you understand the objective? Can you define minimum success? Show an understanding and requirements of your wearable at the "block" level. Presenting the pros and cons, feasibility, and conformity to the mission requirements will constitute a successful CoDR.


Preliminary Design Review (PDR): The second of three major design reviews. The time between CoDR and PDR should be used to start initial research and further feasibility studies on the architectures presented at CoDR. By PDR, you should be able to justify the architechture that will solve the design problem. It is essential that after PDR there is a clear understanding of the final system architecture as well as its feasibility. Additionally, it should be clearly demonstrated that all project and system level requirements can be met by this architecture. Be sure that you leave "off-ramps" in your design in case the scope ends up being larger than what can be accomplished in the time frame allotted.  


Critical Design Review (CDR):  The time between PDR and CDR should be used to finalize the design of your wearable. CDR marks the point in a design where all major components have been decided on. By CDR, all schematics are complete, all wiring diagrams are complete, most mechanical drawings are complete, mechanical assemblies have been completed, software flow is fully defined, all other subsystems are clearly defined and meet their design to specifications, and plans are in place for the manufacturing and testing of the project. Key results of final analysis and prototyping should also bring confidence to areas of high risk presented at PDR. New risks (and potential mitigation) should also be presented. Reviewers should walk away from a CDR feeling comfortable that the project will succeed.    


Final Project Review (FPR):  This is a Wearables Quest specific review.  It provides the team structure to begin closing out the project as they begin plans/actions to create the required WQ video submission.

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NASA Manned System Integration Standards: https://msis.jsc.nasa.gov/

Websites to help you get Started: Adafruit Wearables https://www.adafruit.com/category/65